Just in time Sneeze

So I had extensive interaction with two genuine farmers. Farmer A operates a single 60 acres land parcel and cultivates Banana and Potato. Farmer B operates multiple land parcels and cultivates Tobacco, Banana and Pomegranate. My plan for the interaction was to engage with the farmers through the entire cycle of Banana from field preparation […]

What is the experiment about?

Actually I am not sure if experiment is the right word. The brief I received from my mind and heart left no ambiguity as to the course of action – actively ruminate about and apply the concepts of Architecture of Complex systems to the context of Banana farms and Banana farmers. With limited active exposure […]

The experiment of the season

The emergent behaviour of the system may be predicted by precedence or modeling/ simulations or experiments. However, increasingly in design of complex systems there are cases where neither of these three methods apply. It is especially for these cases that we look to hone our ‘system thinking’ skills. Where did I learn the above? Above […]