Just in time Sneeze

So I had extensive interaction with two genuine farmers. Farmer A operates a single 60 acres land parcel and cultivates Banana and Potato. Farmer B operates multiple land parcels and cultivates Tobacco, Banana and Pomegranate. My plan for the interaction was to engage with the farmers through the entire cycle of Banana from field preparation to sowing to fertilizer application to harvest to post-harvest management to selling.

Farmer B mentioned labour management and marketing as the two main tasks of a farmer. Farmer A did not touch upon labour at any point, even when specifically asked about. Another person in the interaction pointed that labour represented about 30% of resources.

What comes out is if you are going to manage multiple farms then your influence with local labour is that much diffused. And if you are focused on one land geographically, you have that much more influence on labour in that area.

Next I learned different fertilizers are applied to promote growth of particular parts of the Banana plant. This needs to be verified but as I recall nitrogen (Urea) gives good fruit, potash gives good stem and phosphorus (DAP?) gives good roots. Soluble fertilizer are also be used – they are fairly costly but give good results.

About 1150 banana plants may be planted in one acre of land. Gobar is an essential input at land preparation and later stages. Substantial cost is also incurred in procuring Gobar – say about Rs.25000/- per acre per banana crop.

Over the past decade banana price variation has moved from Rs.40-80 to Rs.150-270 (I need to check what quantity this price refers to!).

Also, I learned about REST API today used for making call from mobile application back-end to its front-end.

Also, I read about growth of 4-wheeler vehicles in rural markets. In 2007-08 Maruti was selling 3-4% of its cars in rural areas, today the figure stands at ~33%. Micromax grew on the back rural-first strategy. All this reading was for the rural marketing article I have to write.

Also, today I committed to writing in the blog everyday for the next 90 days. Today’s blog is all over the place – need to do better tomorrow. Sleepy sleepy.


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