What is the experiment about?

Actually I am not sure if experiment is the right word. The brief I received from my mind and heart left no ambiguity as to the course of action – actively ruminate about and apply the concepts of Architecture of Complex systems to the context of Banana farms and Banana farmers. With limited active exposure to Banana farming, this basically means spending time at Banana farms interacting with Banana farmers.

What I expect to gain out of this? Whenever we set out on an experiment, we are looking to validate some hypothesis. I do have some crude hypothetical gains swirling in mind for taking this action. For now the form of these is rather hazy.

Which brings us to a basic concept of Systems thinking – the distinction between form & function. Let me attempt to illustrate You see I have just completed the first week of the course and people taking the course introduced themselves and shared their reasons for taking the course. Here is how I put it:

“Hello! I am Pankaj Kela from India. I am here to explore the following question-

Given state-of-the-art knowledge, technology and market-maturity : Can we architect a food system more at-par with the underlying complexity and nutritional potential of natural environment?”

Reading the above, it appears I am aware of function I am seeking out of this course – emergence of greater clarity in the present state of my mind and ability to articulate this gained clarity. The unresolved question is with regards to form.

What possibilities in terms of form can I aspire for? What physical or informational embodiment can I translate this clarity into? Let me put it bluntly – it has been my cherished hope that exploring the above question will give wholesome meaning to my life.

And the most pressing meaning asserting its wholesomeness upon my otherwise lucid existence, set in motion by the likes of Adam Smith, is financial viability. I need to make me some dough, bro.
Like now would have been great! But i am holding onto my weight! And hoping it stirs my fate! See you for now, I gotta meet a Banana farmer, mate!


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