The experiment of the season

The emergent behaviour of the system may be predicted by precedence or modeling/ simulations or experiments. However, increasingly in design of complex systems there are cases where neither of these three methods apply. It is especially for these cases that we look to hone our ‘system thinking’ skills.

Where did I learn the above? Above is a paraphrased reproduction of concepts I am learning in the ‘Architecture of Complex Systems’ course – an online course taken by MIT. I may add, for accuracy sake, I have been introduced earlier to ‘systems thinking’ concepts in few courses at IRMA. Still, I am enjoying studying again.

Another thing I am looking forward to enjoy is spending time on banana farms with banana farmers. That is what I wish to do as I study the Architecture of Complex Systems. My peers in this course are people in Aeronautics, Space, Defence, Railways, Enterprise Software and more of these industries at the cutting edge of technology evolution.

Some of you may know that for some time now, I have been at the cutting edge of doing nothing. It took me some efforts but I have convincingly achieved that affect for fairly long now. Not only did I do almost nothing, I also almost did no new thinking. Yes, no new thoughts. (you are wondering right, that probably explains my glowing skin & overly enthusiastic demeanour). No new thoughts except those few you may have heard me ruminating about many aeons ago.

This thought that nature is a complex system that we have been dealing with too simply & too speedily keeps coming back to me. It just won’t leave. And creates havoc in my otherwise peaceful existence. Doing nothing.

Wait a sec – there is a chance you may judge me here – do not miss it. Read the above para again (if you have time, read them all again). When reading the word ‘nature’, your lateral out-of-the-box thinking may lead you to decisively wonder that I have problems with my own nature – you know my collective behaviour, traits – and that is not very far from truth (hopefully it is far enough). One’s outlook towards the world is definitely shaped by one’s outlook towards oneself & vice versa. It is not impossible that I choose to view the natural world in a way that fits my own reality – that it is actually I who has cultivated a confused chaotic state of mind and it is I who is lethargic. In turn, my chaos and lethargy make me view nature as complex and speedy.

That is some inside-out right there. Among the few thoughts ruminating in my mind, this has been a nagging one. You may also describe it in one word – ‘doubt’.

Which brings us back to ‘Architecture of Complex Systems’ and Banana farms. This winter I take one more shot at my doubts. And come back here to tell the tales.

~~~ BananaTales ~~~

Welcome aboard!

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